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Residential Services
Reliable Electric’s Residential Service is second to none! It’s easy for us. We don’t find it hard to do what comes natural. Our wiremen are on time, honest, respectful, courteous and talented in residential wiring. To us, these items are not negotiable and it’s not enough to be some of those things. And, we do what we say we’re going to do and the price doesn’t change by the time the job is finished. No unpleasant surprises. That’s how we continue to get so much repeat business..
Customer Service: It starts with an exceptional office receptionist who is typically your first contact with
Reliable Electric. We make sure that your call is received by a professional person who is proficient in the job.
Our receptionists are not simply an answering service. They understand our rates and fees, our schedule, and maintain
a basic electrical knowledge that many times is very helpful to our customers.

Our Servicemen:
We have extremely high standards when it comes to hiring our wiremen. They are all drug-free, honest, clean, experienced, safety-conscious, individuals. They excel at residential service work and know exactly where to look to find and fix problems efficiently. They are highly skilled and trained at all residential electrical installations. We understand that this is a great way to get repeat residential business and positive “word-of-mouth” advertising. And, our residential trucks are stocked with all of the typical residential electrical stock so that our visit is swift and efficient.
Service Items: Below is a brief list of our residential Specialties:  
Ceiling fans
Recessed and Pendant lights
Kitchen cabinet lighting
Motion Security lights
Coach lights
Post lights
Landscape lighting
Panel Replacements and Upgrades
Lightning and Surge Protection
Generator wiring
Spa wiring
General Inspections
Smoke Detectors
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